What is best type of boiler for my home?

What is best type of boiler for my home?
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What is best type of boiler for my home?

We often get asked – and rightly so, “What is best type of boiler for my home?”

There’s a lot of options be it a Combi boiler, Heat Only Boiler or System Boiler, each with their own benefits.
Modern boilers are all very efficient and more cost effective than ever to run, so really, choosing a new or replacement boiler will come down to these factors:
• Budget
• Size of your home
• Number of bathrooms
• Space available
• Whether the install is a replacement or new install

Why a combi boiler?
Well a combi boiler is an economical choice for most homes and are the most popular type gas boiler currently installed. They adapt to the heating demand without constantly switching on and off resulting in smoother operation and greater durability. They are also space efficient, not needing a tank or cylinder, so are ideal where space is restricted. But on the downside, they’re not really suitable for larger homes with multiple bathrooms.

Why a Heat only boiler?
A heat only boiler is the number one choice for a larger property with more than one bathroom where an existing heating system remains in place. As most traditional heating systems have an existing heat only boiler, it makes it easier to simply replace the boiler and radiators with a new high efficiency heat only boiler, keeping installation costs to a minimum. They are also ideal for homes in areas that have low mains water pressure.

Why a System boiler?
A system boiler works with a hot water storage cylinder but does not generally need a tank in the loft to fill the system so has space saving benefits over a heat only system. A system boiler can also provide lots of hot water for homes with more demand, ie. more than one bathroom. They are also capable of high flow rates thanks to a built in pump which gives high pressure showers and fast filling baths.

For more information on choosing your boiler or to see how each system works visit our Choosing the right boiler page.


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